The Malandrine by Donald Greco


          Malandrine is Italian slang for a malicious troublemaker. The children of immigrants, Rino and Lou grew up in hard times during the Great Depression. Their family had to struggle just to have barely enough food to eat. After their service in World War II, they returned home to work as skilled craftsmen in a steel mill. They also had side jobs that helped them save money and invest it in small business ventures.Two of their ventures made them rich: selling two pieces of rural property to mall builders. But though they were wealthy, both brothers were the kind of men who were fulfilled by work. So in retirement, Lou continued his longtime sideline of shoemaker, and Rino was employed as a maintenance man at Spring Common University.But tragedy also haunts the Bellanca family in a sudden and unforeseen way. And Rino realizes that his money can’t save him from the consequences of life. His world is in disarray, and he realizes that his sole consolation is revenge upon the “malandrine”professor who has caused him such anguish.


Kindle Customer:   “‘The Malandrine’ was an excellently written story of love, family relationships and revenge. It captivated me beginning to end. The characters were people that you care about. I highly recommend this novel.”